High Value

Our ability to deliver full service with a low cost base makes us very competitive, and we are committed to remain so.


Our corporate website is one of the major lines of communication with our customers, making us Kazakhstan’s largest single e-commerce platform. It offers a wide range of services, including online bookings and check-in, information about flight arrivals and departures, verification of reservation details and much more. Our mobile application is virtually a pocket travel assistant with many rich features.

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The sale of preferred seating was introduced across multiple channels via Air Astana ticket offices, check-in desks, online and travel agents. This was one of our major projects in the offering ancillary services to our customers.

Our frequent flyer system was upgraded to a modern platform that offers further improvements to the service. A robust application was developed for proactively offering and fulfilling last-minute upgrades for Nomad Club members using their points.

Strategic report


We have equipped our aircraft with an innovative streaming capability. We are delighted to announce that to date we have outfitted 16 aircraft with this option, providing both our domestic and international passengers access to a wide variety of in-flight entertainment so even the shortest of trips need not be boring. Libraries of films, electronic books and music are available to our passengers.

All new releases currently come in English with Russian dubbing and we have just added Korean, and from March onwards they will also be available with Chinese dubbing. This, along with the addition of Chinese, Korean and Indian music.

Management report

Our little

We offer fantastic Little Price and National Geographic bags, a dedicated children’s section of in-flight entertainment, healthy children’s meals, an on-board library and toy box. We also offer special children’s headphones with a funky design, recognising that earbuds and Business Class headphones aren’t comfortable for kids.

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